Does someone know of a better quality Analogue audio Cable without composite video

I have my WD tv live connected digitally (Toslink) to an AV Receiver. This works fine.

But I also have an analogue connection to a Simaudio Stereo only amplifier, using the supplied Audio/Composite cable and that is not so good.  Does someone know of a better cable? All my other interconnects are Kimber.

I tried to use a standard RCA to mini-jack cable, but this does not work.

I do not think the Audio Quality of the composite Output will be any better with other Audio cables.

It has near Zero Treble / Bass and i hope they wont doctor anymore on that Composite Audio till Toslink Optical is reduced to 0 dB amplifying again and working as it should :slight_smile:

I tried several analogue Cables my own and composite / Analogue Audio doesnt gets better on any of my 3 AV/ Hifi Receivers.

This is what I do:

WD-TV Live+ via HDMI and Toslink S/PDIF to main AV receiver.  Main AV receiver’s pre-amp out  to secondary (analog-only stereo) amp line input via quality RCA cables.  Let your main AV receiver do the D-to-A conversion.

I fully agree with you  That’s exactly what I do for movies with DD5.1 or DTS soundtracks. My AV Receiver is an ARCAM AVR300. But I rarely store music on the WDTV discs. I use it for movies and most are MP3 or DD2.0 talkies. I do not bother to power on the Receiver, in such cases.

You may be right. It 's just a matter of  not insulting the Simaudio i-5 with such low-end cables…

I looked at the cost and specifications of the Simaudio MOON i5 audio amplifier. The manufacturer stated THD (total harmonic distortion) is less than 0.1%, 20Hz to 20KHz at 1 watt. It does not matter what manufacturer brand of interconnects you use or how much you pay for the cables; you will never hear the difference between the cables. If you are having audio problems you will have to look at your source material. Movies are produced for entertainment value with a surround sound effect; the sound tracks on all movies are definitely not audiophile hi-fi quality. The WDTV Live box is designed as a movie player not an audiophile hi-fi quality player. The D to A (digital to analogue converter) in the WDTV Live box will never compare with the discrete D to A chips used in audiophile hi-fi equipment. The D to A chips alone would cost more than the WDTV Live box. For the price paid, the WDTV Live box does a reasonable job reproducing the movie audio.

Seing the reason of low quality in “Audio Reproduction” on the WDTV Live in its HW Limits and Media “Sources”  is not ok on “my side”

if the WDTV Live amplifies any normaliized Audio as it does atm with Opctical Output.

This is a hardware/firmware fault and can be fixed for example.

The Analogue Output is from its Levels accurate but missing all Bass / Treble Quality if you do not pre amplify it.

I dont know whats the reason for it.On that part you are in my opinion absolutely right that this cant be compared to 

better Hardware.

The WD  has an “Audioplayer” for Audio Media  and is called WDTV Live HD Mediaplayer and they do also advertise with it playing Movies and Audios.  Otherwise they should have named it WDTV Live Movieplayer.

I know what you mean from Quality Hardware compared to expensive receivers and so on.

But if its sold as a Mediaplayer and being advertised as that it should work and behave normal in Audio Reproduction too.

Anything else customers can of course argue about becasue its advertised also as Audioplayer.


I like what you say and your technology skills seem to be far higher then mine belonging to audio.

I see it as a customer and i bought it of the Audiophil Playback Reasons too which it is advertised :slight_smile: