Does Smartware Automatically back up system files?

As asked in the title, does it? I’m simply doing the category backup and the system category isn’t selectable…I’m assuming this is because it automatically backs up the system files? What makes me wonder is that the drive seems to have nothing on it, as in no space taken up and my system is 30GB.

The way I want my backup is just automatically backing up system data and then documents. I’m simply copy pasting all my pics and movies over to teh drive so they’re not hidden yet still backed up. Anyways thanks for any help.

System files are NOT backed up.

change over to files/folders backup method and you can pick specifically what to back up.

Be careful, I think that even selection to category backup, the WD Smartware will not backup files systems, Im almost 100 % sure.

Smartware DOESN’t copy system files, WD has a whole article just to make it clear on their site.