Does RED SA500 SSD support TLER?

Been searching everywhere, can’t find the answer…does anybody know?
It seem the RED HDD does, but what about the SSD line?

Hi @MrCalvin,

Western Digital RAID edition hard drives have a feature called TLER (Time Limited Error Recovery)** which stops the hard drive from entering into a deep recovery cycle . The hard drive will only spend 7 seconds to attempt to recover. This means that the hard drive will not be dropped from a RAID array. While TLER is designed for RAID environments, a drive with TLER enabled will work with no performance decrease when used in non-RAID environments.

The TLER (Time Limited Error Recovery) feature on Western Digital RAID Edition EIDE and Serial ATA hard drives cannot be disabled.

For more information please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hi Keerti

Thanks for writing, but it didn’t answer the question at all.

First of all I already know what TLER is :wink:

Secundly, my question regard RED SSD not SSD HDD and you cannot be sure the share the same features.

Just got a confirmation from WD support that TLER is NOT supported on WD RED SA500 i.e. not suitable for any RAID installation…unbelievable!