Does not stream GoPro Hero 5 4k footage

I have a 4tb My Passport Wireless Pro and it unfortunately does not stream standard 4k GoPro Hero 5 footage with standard audio to ANY device without constant buffering and freezing.

I have tried to stream on 10.5 ipad pro, 9.7 ipad pro, android (octa,4gb), windows 10 (8th gen) 16gb, to no avail. And this is the 2nd unit I have received as I sent the 1st one back.

I am able to stream my mavic pro 4k footage flawlessly, possibly because there is no mavic audio track.

I believe that this could be some sort of bug considering how well it streams mavic pro 4k footage.

(And I have disabled plex and only connected via 5Ghz etc etc)

Problem is consistent on both units I’ve had.

WD Support have been great facilitating the replacement drive I received, but I really hope they can fix this issue soon with the next firmware update.

EDIT: I can stream via vlc UPNP network stream. So the issue seems to be the My Cloud App.