Does not seem to turn off completly

Hi all,
I have got a WD TV Media with a 5TB hard drive connected, all works fine as it should but when I switch off the unit it seems to keep the hard drive on standby, I read up you can hold the off button for 5 seconds and it turns the system off completely which it does but wondered if you can set it to default to switch off properly every time when pressing the button

Nope, not with the WD Remote anyways …

dunno, maybe with a programmable remote perhaps ? (eg. Harmony, Logitech etc)

Don’t understand why, could have at least have a choice in the settings to do it :frowning:

What i don’t understand is when there is a power blackout and then the power comes back on … all my devices (TV, AVR, PS3 etc) come back on into “Standby” mode … but not the WDTV, it comes back on into Fully Powered On state.

Anyways, don’t try and understand it … just accept it :no_mouth: