Does not back up "system" files

Am I to understand correctly that this drive only backs up your own documents - it does not back up critical system files or program files. Would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.

Hi 75for80

You are correct WD Smartware only backup media files like pics, vids, docs and mail (if you use microsoft outlook) if you would like to backup your system files I’d recommend to use windows backup or time machine (if you have mac)

Thanks for quick response. I don’t think windows back up works with this drive - true??

windows backup works on any drive, anyway let me know hat drive you have so I can get more info about the specific drive you have. and Thanks for marking my answer as the solution

Yes - I have “My Book Essentials v.2 - 500 gb” - thanks. 

Ok you won’t have any problems using windows backup on that drive so, if you want to backup your system files that’s the better option.-