Does MyCloudEX2Ultra ship with OS 5?

Looking at the spec on WD website it refers to OS 5. However many comments here ask about upgrading issues from OS 3, so I am wondering if I will have to upgrade my new Ex2 Ultra (when it arrives). Seems a bit odd if it ships with OS 3 given OS 5 was released a year ago. Thanks.

My computer store only had units with OS3 - Which in my case is what I wanted.

WD NAS units have been around for a long time so unless you get directly WD they may have the older software

AND there has been almost monthly updates to OS5 this year.

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how were you able to tell the OS version before purchasing? I see online that there is an EX2 Ultra still available in a Best Buy about a 1hour drive away. I don’t see any reference to the OS version in the product details though. can you tell by the product number?

I an in there a lot trying to get a new GPU card .
They agreed to go look and get one in the stock room with the oldest Serial number.

Would be nice is we could get WD to list the SN range when they started shipping with OS5 pre-installed.

but the steps to revert are another option - I have not needed to do that but as posted above process is not hard.


My SN first seven digits were WNAN300 so digit a 0 and came with old firmware

to also help decoding the other numbers
The model number can show if the original unit came with disk drives.

I always get the diskless unit for NAS units – DL,PR and EX series

so my disk less EX2-ultra was WDBVBZ0000NCH-NESN
and a like unit with 8 TB disk WDBVBZ0080JCH-NESN

The ex2ultra came out in late 2016 ? and my older ex2 in 2014