Does My Passport 2TB model compatible with the Nomad Rugged Case?

I am interested with the WDC My Passport 2TB model. And I want to use it with the WDC Nomad Rugged Case. Does this two items compatible with each other?

I already own a WDC Nomad Rugged Case, and used it with a WDC My Passport Essential SE 1TB model.

Thanks for your answer in advance. 

Nop is no. The drive is to thick for the case…check the link below:

Yes, it is compatible.

In short, yes.

I have 2 of each (2TB My Passport and Nomad cases) and they fit just fine - once you switch out the rubber bumper-strips with the thinner ones provided.  You CAN squeeze the door shut without switching out the rubber strips, but the fit is much better if you do!