Does my external hard drive need power at all times?

I recently purchased an external hard drive and today backed up all of my files to it.  When I purchased it no one knew if it needed to be plugged in at all times.  Does anyone know if it needs to be plugged in at all times or once it is done with the back up can I unplug it until I am ready to use it again???

yes you can power it down and put it away until you need it.

I had the same question. I am told by several sources that you can unplug it when not using it. After all it is just a larger capacity storage disc.

Yes of course you can unplug it. You can store the hard drive away for many years without worrying about data loss or corruption.  Just don’t leave it near any large magnets like CRT TV’s or other sources of high electromagnetism and always leave it in room temp in a dry place.

Don’t drop or bang the drive and it should be fine for as long as you wish it to be offline.

When the hard drive IS plugged in, be sure to use a sourge protector and place it in an area with enough ventilation so it doesn’t overheat.

Hard drives are very sensitive pieces of equipment. But if you follow those steps they will last you a long time.