Does My Cloud Personal have independent outputs

Can the My Cloud Personal be connected independently to a laptop and a smart TV and at the same time? 

Yes…they are all just different netowk devices connecting to the same network…so of course they can. You can simultaneously read/write to the My Cloud from one laptop, while streaming a movie or a picture to your TV, while doing read/write from a 2nd laptop/desktop. Just be aware the more simulataneous devices tries to access the hard drive on the My Cloud, the slower data read-writes get because 1) you are accessing the same hard drive and 2) you are using the same wired connection to pull data out of My Cloud. But for just a couple devices it won’t be noticeable…but if you try to simulatenously access from 3-4 devices, you’ll start to notice a bit of sluggishness in data operations.

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Check out the User Manual, Getting Started. Other devices can be connected and use your My Cloud through your router, switches, and WiFi etc.


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