Does My Cloud Home use INTERNET or INTRANET when in same house?

I just got a My Cloud Home 4gb from Best Buy. It seems a little slower than I thought it would, but I was wondering if I am accessing the device in the same house using a computer or iPhone that are on the same WiFi or wired network to that same router, am I accessing the My Cloud only locally through my INTRANET or is my computer accessing it through the INTERNET? Hopefully the former instead of the latter, but wanted to check and see. Thanks!

Here are some knowledge base articles that explain the connection modes of the My Cloud home.

For the most part your MCH and gadgets connected to it accesses your home network directly if you are at home, but it also checks things via the internet for internal reasons.

Is your router a gigabit router, and are you using the faster 5G wireless signal? Are you also using wireless or wired connection with your computer?

Hello. My router is a Linksys EA9500 and our computers and iPhones/iPads connect via 5GHz band. I know it won’t be quite as fast as a USB3 connection to the computer, but if transferring on the internal network hopefully a little faster. Maybe just the initial sync was bogging it down.

Also, if my wife and kids want to view a bunch of videos from the MyCloud, I don’t want them eating up our monthly Comcast bandwidth (it’s 1 TB usage, but can go quick with teenagers streaming!). That’s why I’m hoping the access is all internal while they are in the house of course.

I have told you that when viewing stuff on My Cloud from iPad and iPhone at home on the home wi-fi,the My Cloud does not contact the internet for this (it may be contacting the internet for it’s own updates and use, Etc.) BUT if you have remote access of MC set up and a mobile device is connected to the cell data plan, the phone and MC will go thru the cell data plan, not home network, and use cell data units.

I have Comcast internet service, and I have unlimited access for a monthly fee. How is it you have limit of 1 TB of usage? I’m sure that my monthly Comcast data plan has some sort of high data limit, but is never exceeded nor an issue and we stream a lot to iPads and other streaming devices via internet services. The people exceeding Comcast’s limits are people downloading lots of stuff that ramps their usage up. Normal usage will not cause one to exceed the limits

Just also be sure all are always on home wi-fi and not cell data plan at home so the cell plan is not used up either. No one should use cell data when at home; they should use their home wi-fi only. I have a feeling that some people around me do this and use their data plan, because their router is not always turned on 24/7 and it should be if they have smart mobile devices or streaming devices like Roku.,

I tested and realized that Local mode and Relay mode have same upload/download speed --> it connect via Internet everytime. And it is so stupid NAS, WD cheated everyone.