Does My Book Work with Mac OS Big Sur (and Monterey)?

I just bought a My Book 6 TB external drive and when I try to set up Time Machine it asks me to erase the volume and then it says that it is not a compatible format. My Book does show up on my desktop. I am currently running Big Sur and I will soon be upgrading to Monterey.

Is My Book compatible with Big Sur and Monterey?

Hi @timbreese60,

With Big Sur, Apple has changed the function of Time Machine. It will prompt you to reformat the drive to APFS in order to use with Time Machine, and lock the drive for sole Time Machine use.

For more information please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

MacOS Big Sur, supports Time Machine on APFS formatted drives. There might be chances that your drive is in HFS+ format, that’s why it is asking you to erase or reformat the drive in order to create a time machine in macOS Big Sur.

As, if you want to shift a drive from HFS+ to APFS, you have to reformat the drive, and that erases all the Time Machine backups. Because of the structural differences, you can’t just copy from HFS+ to APFS, either.

Further, you can also check the below link for more details:

Hope it helps!