Does My Book Live access via the web ( work with iPhone and iPad device?

Good afternoon!  Been trying my best to find the answer to this question on my own but keep running into a dead end.  Does access to the files (pictures, videos, all shares) work via the web on an iPhone and iPad like they do on a PC and Mac?  I have no problems with my PC and Mac accessing my My Boo Live via website, but my iPhone and iPad simply show “Shares(x)” and nothing else… kinda lke it’s trying to launch a java client that the iPhone/iPad don’t have.

Can anyone help me please?

Thank you from Ohio!  :)  And Happy Memorial Day to all!

You need to use the WD 2go app.

Hi! Thanks! I have that app for my iPhone and it works great on both the iPad and iPhone when I’m on my Wifi, but when i’m away from home, I was thinking I would need to used the to access. I get logged in, it shows my drive. I click it, it shows I have 3 shares, but nothing else. How can I see the shares? I can access my shares just fine on my pc and Mac, but not from my mobile devices, over the web outside of my own Wifi network.

Does that describe my problem any better?

Thanks for all your help!

Hi, you just need to use the apps, even away from home. It might be slower than within your WiFi, but it works. Greetings listener

Tony had the short answer above. The problem you are seeing is because when you use your remote drive is “mapped” to your computer (PC or Mac). The program is not made to “map” drives to mobile devices, so you cannot see your files when you try that route.

The apps are the only way to see the files from your mobile devices, and they work a lot better anyways.

You are absolutely right! The app works GREAT on my iPhone. I was able to access my drive from my office and see everything I have loaded so far. This drive is truly worth the investment. Along with that I am getting good backups on our three laptops - 2 macs and 1 pc. I want to get another drive as a safe point for this one in a few weeks. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your help!

:slight_smile: Glad to hear it.