Does MBL really work?

I bought my book live 2 TB version yesterday.  But, I have nothing but trouble. It shows the dreaded " your  device temperature  is above the maximum…" . I called  support and  they tried to install a deb file  as firmwire upgrade. I am using Windows XP with SP3.  Tech support made an appontment with Tech 2.  in  2 days.

I then just checked and update the firmeire from 1.4.09 to  01.05.07. But of no help. Still that message…

I noticed that it cannot find http://mybooklive but it does with ip address. That is how I updated the software.

Even if that message is flashing, it looks like I can backup but system crashes with windows blue screen and a hard boot is required.

After that, it show the drive Z but says disconnected.

Let me say what the tech support has to say . Otherwise, I am returning it.

Does it really work?


1.04.09 and 1.05.07 aren’t MyBook Live firmwares…

I have no idea what box those would be for…


It is MybookLive model no.WDBACG0020HCH-NESN

I may be wrong with the original version it came with, But I upgraded to 01.05.07.  This version is listed in Firmaire release notes. I did not go to version , the latest one beacuse it had some disclaimers.

Should I update to the latest firmwire?

My mistake…  

But anyway, 1.05.07 is about six releases ago.   Pretty old firmware.

My problem is resolved.

It seems that that the  started cd has old software.

I I downloaded the latest firmwire which is 02.10.09-124. Though the temperature  warning is flashing all the time, I could go to :  and then could use the settings menu to update the software.

  1. Then, a mail from tech support suggested that I download the WDSmart ware latest version which is

Even with that  and rebooting etc, it did not help.

  1. Then, finally I shut down mybooklive and then computer.router and modem. Turned on back as modem,router,computer and then the mybooklive.

  2. The annoying popup is gone …

I cannot  see mybooklive as a letter drive  but I am reluctant to use the starup cd. May be it is not needed.

If you want to see the MBL as a drive letter just “Map” it, that way you can avoid the CD. Depending on what version of Windows you are running it is a little different. For Windows7, go to the drive ( [\](file://, right click on “Public” and choose “Map Drive”.

It will ask you what letter you want to make it, and whether to re-connect at login.