Does Live Plus DVD navigation support indicate older units out of luck?

As a new owner of a WD TV Live unit (I just bought it today) I am stunned to see that there is no DVD menu support. However, when I look at the feature list fot he Live Plus, it clearly states DVD navigation. I guess I need to return my unit (which I just finished hooking up) before my trial time is over.

If WD has implemented DVD navigation in the Plus series but not the normal “Live” product line, then that would appear to be a definite statement that they have no intention of ever supporting DVD navigation in the Live boxes with firmware updates, so I’d better throw in the towel now.

Still, this is a pretty bizarre policy by WD. They support DVD navigation in low-end (non networkable models) and in the Plus model, they just don’t support it in the Live model.

Heck, maybe I should just replace my Live unit with an older non-networking model. That way I will get what I really want (i.e. DVD navigation).

I answered this in the other thread but here it is again in case you miss it.  ;)

No need to return your unit or get an older model!  There’s a PreRelease firmware out that adds virtually every feature of the Plus model to the WD TV Live (excluding Netflix but you do get DVD Menus and it works well).

Check out this page:

There’s a thread for comments / feedback here: rmware-Version-103-22-Pre-release-Update-6-9-10/td …

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