Does latest wdtv have xml reader/decoder

i know wdtv hub has xml reader/decoder built in. and i know that the last version of wdtv live plus doesn’t. does this latest version (SMP?) have it.

p.s. it’s really stupid that the multiple version have virtually identical names. i just realized that the difference is that this latest version is called “streaming” vs. the old ones which were simply wdtv, wdtv live, wdtv live plus, and wasn’t there another one? it especially makes searching for help on the internet difficult.

There’s no “latest version” of the Plus…  There’s only ever been one.  

But yes, the Live SMP has the same XML functionality as the Hub.

Yeah, the names are confusing…

There are:

The WDTV HD (2 generations)

The WDTV Mini

The WDTV Live HD Media Player

The WDTV Elements Play (2 generations)

The WDTV Live Plus

The WDTV Live Hub

and the WDTV Live Streaming Media Player