Does it output to both HDMI and AV simultaneously?

Thinking of purchasing WDTV Live and HDMI for Netflix and other video services but also using

the AV (audio only) to zone2 input for music.  Will this work?   Also, does it have any search capabilities for my music library?    I’ve read many reviews and looks like a great device but none of the reviews mentions these points.  Thanks.

I have mine connected using HDMI for my TV and composite audio out for the stereo system. So yes, it does work that way, but you may encounter a litlle lag between audio from composite and HDMI video. If that’s the case turn down the TV audio and just stay with the home theater.

As far as “search” for library goes, well, it doesn’t have one for video. I’ll check later for audio and let you know. I connected mine wireless and it picks up the share network and folders. It lists everything inside and you just scroll-down and look for it. It does have good video channels (like Crunchy Roll) and those have search engines.

Great.  Thanks.  I have all my music on a NAS unit and am using a laptop connected to my AV unit but wanting to replace the laptop with the WDTV Live device especially if I can control it remotely via smartphone &/or iPad.