Does EX4100 support having two VLANs on a single EX4100 network interface?

EX4100 has two NICs, LAN1 and LAN2. They can be used independently (with link aggregation off), or combined in various manners.

In either case, one can assign a VLAN to each (combined or non-combined) interface. Is it possible to assign a second VLAN to the same interface (with a different ip address etc)

My case scenario is the following: my box serves two different lan segments. Thus I have disabled link aggregation and lost my failover capability (in case one of the NICs goes kaput, or one of the switch ports the EX4100 is connected to has a similar problem).

If I could assign two VLANs to an interface, I could combine the two ports using LACP (my managed switch is also LACP compliant) and then assign two VLANs to the combined interface, each having its own ip addresses/subnet etc.