Does drive connected via USB spins down?

I have connected a 2 TB WD HD (2.5 inch) to one USB port.

I wonder if this is spinning down after some time when the unit goes into standby?


in standby the drive will still be active, even with windows share server on.

the only time the drive should spin down is a total shut down (holding power for 5sec.)

fyi WD green drives spin down in standby but spin back up when accessed (incase you ever get one)

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Thanks for the fast response. I still have two questions one can help me.

1. Is this drive considered to be green?

   Western Digital WDBY8L0020BBK-EESN My Passport 2TB

2. Any idea how to manage/program a complete shutdown using a Harmony One remote control?


My drive does spin down immediately on SMP entering standby.  HP Personal media drive1gb USB.

The best way to get Harddrive connected to  wdtv live streamer box must be this way

Get a 230v socket with usb on/off into your TV.  usb

plug wdtv into the the socket

plug External Harddisk to the socket

if you got more than 2 external harddisk then you must have a usb 1-4 gait with it’s OWN

powersupply (WDTV kan not handle more than 2)

I have 4 ekstern to my back USB and wireless Keyboard and mouse on the rear USB

each time i turn my tv On then wdtv and harddisk turns on

and the wdtv scans for drives.

and when i turn my tv off They turns off