Does Deleting from Computer delete from My Book?

I just got a My Book Essential from my parents for christmas.

I love the thought that they got it for me, but so far I’m NOT impressed!

First, there was NO user manual in the box. I had to come to the website to find a pdf of it and sit here and read through 78 pages just to know how to use the thing.

It took about 10 hours total to do a backup of my system (19.81 GB of a backup). Now, I’m trying to figure out, if I DELETE a file (such a picture, a folder of pictures, or word files) off my computer, will that automatically delete them off My Book?

I would like to be able to take stuff OFF my computer, which is the reason for wanting a backup in the first place.

Does anyone know if this is able to be done?

I don’t currently have the my book plugged into my computer (it was making my computer extremely slow… took almost 10 minutes just for my mozilla to open up!) and I don’t want to delete files and stuff off my computer and then have my book delete them off the my book when it realizes they are no longer on the computer.

I’ve read the whole user manual, and there is NO information about this in there.


I want to warn you right now not to delete off PC after backup. Never trust one physical drive internal or external regardless of the maker. If something goes wrong your data is lost. The frorum is full of moaning people who did what you intend, I lost my wedding pistures or whatever.


Ok Thanks.

well if that is the case, I will just delete all my files off this my book, pack it up and send it back to my mother.

I basically wanted an external drive that I could back everything up on, and then delete stuff from my computer and still have it backed up somewhere else.

I guess it defeats the purpose if I can’t delete from my system without something going wrong on the my book as a result.

I guess it’s back to cd’s for me :frowning:

Something could go wrong with your system too. That’s why you need it on at least 2 drives to be safe.


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Hello there!

Really sorry to hear about your troubles!

Anyhow, regarding this issue, I don’t think that if you delete what’s on your computer, it’ll delete what’s on your external hard drive too. Therefore, it’s safe to actually delete some of your files which were already backed-up. Also, I would like to ask, if you might be willing, for you to share your system specifications. External hard drives should not slow down a system. Also, 19.81GB should not take 10 hours for a back up.

Everything depends on which program you use for backup. If you just copy the files from your computer using Windows Explorer the files will not be removed until you remove them. Backup programs may however work differently.

No matter how your program work, you should have at least two copies on different drives of all your important files.

What you seem to want is a secondary drive on which you can store files. You should then get a third drive on which you store backups of all your important files from both drives.