Does Backup mean a mirror of the computer contents?

Hi, just started with a new WD product (WD My Passport Ultra) and connected and did a first backup. However, couldn’t find an answer to this question…if I delete a file from my computer (say, a photo), will the backup process also remove it from the Backup on the external drive, or does it keep the photo file forever?

If the latter, is that a setting can that be changed? I don’t really want to have to delete the same photo file in two places!



No, the Backup copy remains, although with strikeout through the file name. The whole purpose of backup is to have a second place for the file in case it gets deleted by mistake in the computer. You can delete the backup copy by opening it’s folder directly in Windows. Use Windows to find the backup drive and step through the folders to the file(s) you want.

Example: Backup (G:) > WD SmartWare.swtor > {COMPUTER name} > Volumexxxxx > Pictures > {filename}. Where “Volumexxxxx” will be one of several simlilar names.

Agreed this is a poor procedure. WD needs to fix SmartWare to permit direct deleting of the backup files. I have hundreds of them!!