Does anyone know of any freeware to extract subtitles from DVD titles

The standard DVD authoring spec has sub-titles embedded in the video streams inside the Video_TS folder. I have never been able to see subtitles when streaming my ripped, rented DVD’s that are authored to the DVD standard.  I think the manual mentioned something extracting the subs from the video_VOB’s and placing them in the main movie folder but I don’t know what software to use.  Since the WD player is not a virtual DVD player, there are many things it can’t display such as menus, scene selections, additional features, etc.  Subtitles is only one of these that make it a little annoying. 

Any assistance would be appreciated.

VSrip to get idx/sub and Subrip to get SRT which should be unnecessary cause despite being unable to read IFOs the Live does playback subtitles when VOBs are played back from out of a VIDEO_TS folder, also when streamed from a share.

As Tech Flaws says the WDTV Live may not have menus, chapters etc but it does play DVD sub-titles and there is no need to extract them.

I assume you are selecting them in the options menu.