Does anyone have a copy of "My Book Live Firmware Version 02.11.12-060"

Hi Guy’s,

I really need to reload a copy of the “My Book Live Firmware Version 02.11.12-060” to solve an issue on my system, but WD no longer make this version available.

Does anyone else have a copy of this FW that I can copy?

Thanks in advance,


As far as I know you cannot rollback to an older firmware version, even if you can find it. What is your issue exactly?

I have locked myself out of SSH with encryption keys.

I really need to get back in urgently as I have automated backup scripts running that I need to monitor.

I do not want to downgrade the FW as my system is already at “Version 02.11.12-060”, but I do need to re-load the FW as I know this will overwrite the “sshd_config” file which is blocking my access.

I’ve tried to get the 02.11.12-060 FW from WD but they will not re-release it, and they tell me they will not be releasing any new FW until at least the middle of September, I cant’ wait that long.

So I’m really hoping that there is a user on this forum who downloaded the 02.11.12-060 FW and is able to make it available to me for copying. Of course I realise that reloading this FW is at my own risk but I don’t have any other alternative.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Sorry I should say that the 02.11.12-060 FW was released in July 2012 by WD as an upgrade to the 02.11.09-053 FW.

However it was quickly withdrawn due to upgrade issues, but unfortunately not before I had already upgraded one of my NAS systems.

Now I am stuck in the position that I can’t get the 02.11.12-060 FW from WD so I can’t reload it to solve my SSH issue. I can’t downgrade to the current released level of 02.11.09-053 as that is not allowed, and I can’t wait until mid september for ane FW build to be released.

So pleeeeeeeease if you have a copy of the 02.11.12-060 FW, make it available for me to download.



Has no one got a copy of this FW???