Does Anyone Ever Get an Answer from WD Customer Support

Curious if anyone here ever gets a straight answer from customer support either here or when contacting them directly. They seem manifestly incapable of understanding an issue or providing a direct answer. It’s like they have bots scanning for key words then copy/pasting links that are not at all relevant to the question being submitted. See my question below.

I’ve been buying WD for a long time and will never buy their products again.

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This WD Community Website not a WD Customer Support website.

Its primarily a user to user forum.

Welcome to WD Community! Western Digital Technologies, Inc. (“WD”) provides WD Community as a service to its users and customers, to help them exchange ideas, tips, information, and techniques related to our products.

You could try contacting WD Support direct … but you’ll probably get a phone operator following a script.

And not knowing a thing about Encrypted Data Recovery.

Thanks Joey. I have repeatedly posed the same question directly to WD customer support and have been getting the run around. I’m not asking them for recovery services; however, they should be able to answer if there are any type of restrictions to the type of drive it can be transferred to given there is WD encryption involved. Instead I get responses of “sorry you lost your password but we can’t help”.

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You would probably have to escalate your question to Level 2 Support.

Level 1 Support just covers the basics eg. Warranty, RMA etc

But, again i would recommend contacting the Data Recovery Services that WD recommend and i would hope they would be able to provide you with the info.

Be aware though, Data Recovery from Encrypted drives if possible, will not be Cheap

Cheaper to keep data backups in future.