Does anybody seriously listen from the WD firmware team?

Good Morning everybody. I have not been around here for quiet a while, due to really using my apple tv’s Yes 4 of them in fact, Since locking my WD LiveHub away whilst I await a good and stable firmware, I have come to the conclusion that I really don’t think this is going to happen. I must admit I love my WD LiveHub for the reason WE/YOU/I can design a menu, a layout, a theme to our own taste. Yes it plays 1080p, yes it plays most audio files, yes it shows your Photo’s, but how many devices are on the market that do this? HUNDREDS…

So I refere back to my last statement, I simply like this unit because I can design how I want it to look. And the reson why?

Because all of us here are better at designing “A Look” than WD.

I don’t want all these extra features (though some might) I just want to play my video, music, photos collection with glorious quality, and a design that fits my needs… and this is something that WD promised us when the WD LiveHub first came out, “Design Your Own THEME”

Well I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting…oh and guess what…still waiting.

I think personally WD are trying to get this box to do more things, than to correct what issues it acutally has. Yes its great that they have a new issue reporting feature, but on that note, why need a new one? these issues SHOULD have been sorted out years ago…and I MEAN YEARS ago… also listen…listen to what people are telling you. You only seem to hear what you want. Be faster and Smarter, firmware updates are taking forever to come out, and you never keep us informed. If I spent as long in my job as your firmware team do resolving issues, then I would have been gone long before this. (I am a software engineer, if something is wrong I have 48 HOURS MAX to correct it, otherwaise my job is on the line)

So…my simple idea is go back to basics… the firmware you are writing is completely floored., its like trying to place a triangle in a square whole, you can’t and wont do it. Don’t write over the top of it. START AT THE BEGINGING. AGAIN.

Its the same for the theme idea… what you told us we can do…we cant due to the limitations of the firmware.

The Legacy/Mochi theme is again like a triangle, and we are trying to design a square… I have tried and tried to make a new theme, but every so often certain images, apear from the original and mess up… So take the default style theme away and give us the tools to design a theme to our own spec. Just give us the Hardware. DEFAULT the everything else… eg files that we need to make the machine work…the bios if you like… and allow us to design the UI ourselves…

Give us the correct instruction, what is up, what is down, correct aspect ration, jpg, png, tiff, ect (IF you get my meaning… the unit is quiet able to display png’s however how there displayed is how you set it on the firmware, and whatever your doing its not right!)

and aslo give us the option of services. I cant get most of them anyhow (being the UK) and to tell you the truth I have never used any of them, but you still insist of putting more on!

I have had friends that have designed , authered by Apple, and sold Apps for the ipad form scratch I may add, in less time that in the WD Firmware team to release ONE firmware update…

Please WD, do at least what you say your going too…

Note. It is not my attempt to offend any community folk here, and that includes the moderators. They have been here for us ALL the way. But for some one at WD FIrmware / wherever / whom ever just to say, you know what? this is not working… we need to start again… we need to scrape this and start again…

Many thanks and kind reagrds to you all.


richie 1 vs 0 WD

could not have put it any better :smiley:

I am so glad to know I am not alone and share your thoughts. I was being made to look like I had lost my marbles when I began to raise the firmware issue. Some fan boys in here were Downright condescending because they have no use for some of the most basic functions I saw many people needing, myself included.

So WD Firmware programmers, are you here? Are you reading? Are you guys going to unblock that optical port so it will send DTS/DD 5.1 through optical when the Hub is connected to the TV by HDMI so we can have 2ch stereo on the TV and 5.1 on the AVR? There are a lot of people who have nice AVRs without HDMI and would like to be able to have 2channel audio on the TV without having to constantly go into Setup and change to BitStream! Why not just downmix to Stereo on HDMI and send BitStream to optical so all I will have to do is just turn on my AVR? Come on WD, Tell us something but don’t tell me this is a feature or by design because it’s not and I will prove it if you allow me to have access to code. Open up the code! I know a few people that will fix this for everyone and it will take less than a day to get it tested and making it official.

I totally agree with Richie’s comments, ”Does anybody seriously listen”,Except when he says, “Yes it plays 1080p”. NO IT DOES NOT!!  Yes it played before they changed the firmware to 3.03.13. Now the AVCHD, the video format of new generation camcorders is stuttering and completely breaking up after few seconds of running. They fix one thing and screw up the other. with this firmware Files in .m2ts 1080p,60 frames per second,25k bitrate, The native files for Panasonic HDC-TM900 camcorder are not longer playing on the Hub.

Oh,Well. Back to 3.01.19.

                                                   And i do agree with unhappy camper.

Interesting to note the MLB Playback Issue (4/2/12) post seemed to be a high priority that it gets it own post, and possible will be fix in a firmware on the 4/4.

Interesting reading, does this mean we are due a new firmware tomorrow with the bugs already reported fix + this MLB one or will it be a just a update that JUST fixes MLB.

Well i guess we will see what WD Priorities are tomorrow (if such a firmware comes out).

WD will do it best to fix the MLB issue as it is another cash cow. I doubt very much that anything else will get fix since it does not/will not bring more cash in. Unless they add more services to make the cow bigger. I have lost all hope that WD will put more effort to fix issues that are more important to the users/themers.