Does an Intern Backup move data from 1 hard drive to the second hard drive?

I’m trying to understand exactly where the backed up data will reside as a result of an internal back up on the MyCloud Mirror. The user manual describes that an internal back up moves files from one location to another, but does it move data from one hard drive to another? I would expect that the benefit of having two 4 TB hard drives is so that you can back up all your data residing on the first to the second 4 TB hard drive. I have performed a back up where once it is complete the MyCloud Mirror appears to be full. That leads me to believe that the data is not being transferred from one hard drive to the other but it is being backed up to another location on a single hard drive.What can I do to back up data from one hard drive to the other? Any help/explanation would be helpful.

Thanks for your help!

You will need to configured the RAID type to be JBOD.

Create a separate volume on the 2nd drive, and create a share on that volume.

Then back up the share(s) on the primary volume to the second volume’s share.

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I see. Ok, I found the following article that outlines the process. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Are there any risks associated with changing the RAID type to JBOD?

When you mention creating volumes, are you meaning folders?

Will I still be able to utilize a reoccurring internal back up/sync between the volumes/folders?

Thanks again!