Does Acronis True Image for Western Digital 2021 work on Windows 11?

Hi. I want to replace my ssd on laptop with WD sn850x. I want a tool to clone the system disk to the new ssd. Acronis True Image for Western Digital 2021 (Software and Firmware Downloads | WD Support) does not officially support win11.

Can anyone using Acronis True image WD on win11 confirm if it works? Or any recommendations on the tools for migrating system ssd? Does clonezilla work?

Macrium Reflect will probably do it. It’s a freebie.

For anyone interested, I used DiskGenius and it worked well.

I’m running a SN770 1TB in a Samsung book pro 360. Win 11. I picked up a Sn850x 2 TB and cloned the 770 to it with the latest WD Acronis, but the 850 will not boot up. I get “secure boot violation invalid signature detected”. I tried recloning; I tried cloning with Easeus ToDo. Same result. The odd thing is that the 770 is a clone of the the original Samsung ssd from the computer. Any ideas?

If you already have Acronis True Image for Western Digital 2021 installed on a Windows 11 computer, check for updates within the software to see if there are any compatibility patches or updates available for Windows 11.