Does a synchronized backup continuously synchronize to remain current?

I can’t seem to find a description of the synchronization feature for NAS to USB backups. It states it “finished” the backup, but I am wondering if synchronize mode means it will continuously keep it backed up? There is no way to put a time in for when it should do this either. Does anyone know if it keeps synchronizing as you add data to the DL? Or do you have to go and create a job every time? And if you do, what is the advantage over Copy? One just replaces (sync) and the copy function creates a whole new directory when backed up?

Hi, when you are doing NAS to USB backup, there is no scheduling feature, a way that you can do it is to start the job once the USB drive is connected, then whenever you plug in, the files will be synchronized.

Thanks Lluna,

Again, do you mean as long as the USB drive is hooked up and the sync job is created, it will automatically synchronize all the files we add to it everyday? Or would I have to manually click resync in the dashboard?

Actually, I am a little disappointed. Why would they not allow automated backups in the interface? I just unplugged and replugged in my USB drive and sure enough, it began to sync. This is another thing to worry about that should have an automated feature that syncs whether you physically re-plugin the drive or not. It is a stationary external drive plugged into the back as a total data backup so why would I want to manually start a job all the time??? Thanks WD.