Where can I find information on what the “photos” app does and how to configure it?  I know it looks pretty simple but there should be some documentation somewhere on it.

When I backup my phone, can I control what is backed up and therefor automatically shared since it goes only to the Share Folder? 

How can I control the pictures on my phone once they are backed up?   meaning, my wife has Zillions of photos, I need to know they have been backed up, then then can be removed from the phone.  A major selling point of this product is that we save space on our phones because the pictures are stored on the Drive, not the phone.  how do i configure this so the photos are stored on the WD Drive and not the phone?  many thanks!!!

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The app displays photos stored within the default Public Share. Since it was designed with photo-sharing in mind in includes features not available in the WD My Cloud app like full-screen slideshows.

  1. What depends on how you backup your phone. Files in the Public folder are automatically shared.

  2. If you delete pictures from your phone once they are on your hard drive, then you no longer have a “backup”; you just proceeded to move the default location of your data from your phone to the network drive.

I don’t know what phone you have but mine is an android. I have Google photos. When I take photos using my phone they are automatically backed up to My Cloud. I get an email from Google when that takes place. The best way to make sure they were all backed up to your My Cloud is to look at them. After making sure they are there then delete them from your phone.

For more info on the Photo App did you visit the Learning Center and read the information there?

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I have an andriod. Phone.

I have no idea how to back up my phone… I don’t see any settings for that.

The point of moving the files off the phone and onto the cloud is to use the cloud as the primary storage thereby freeing up space on the phone.  I guess the word backup was used loosely.

That link goes to the down load area but the can find no there for the photo app other than the app itself.  Are you saying you have found support PDF files somewhere?  Pls send the link to those files if possible… I’ve looked all over and can find nothing.

Also, regarding backup… If the device is actually being backed up then changes, additions, deletions will be replicated on the cloud… So if a file is deleted from the phone it will deleted from the cloud.  So I need to understand is this a backup function or jus making a copy?

Can I get some follow up on this?

Where can I find the documentation for “PHOTOS APP” on android?  Someone in this thread tried to help but the link went to the “download” portal which does not really help solve the puzzle of where the support is for the app.  I can not find any documentation for the Photos app.  Please Help.

What has happened now is, the folder structure which I save fiiles to on my phone, “Son”, “Wife”, Family, ect… held my pictures.

Those pictures and folders were on “My cloud” and I could see them with the phone app.  When I deleted them off my phone, the folders vanished off My Cloud, and I think the pictures are now all lumped together in a single folder… but there is no way to tell since I some of the pictures were dupilicated on the phone… I have no idea what is not in that huge folder… and I have no idea where my photos went, or if they were deleted from the cloud once I delete them off my phone…