Documentation required or needed in the RMA box?

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I have read the premailer I believe I have the box and packaging understood, the RMA number is wrote on three sides outside the box as instructed. The premailer did not say whether it was required or suggested that I provide case documentation featuring these numbers plus case, serial, and model numbers of the drive being sent.

I sent this question to support because I could not find any writing in the RMA premailer on whether or not any documentation inside the box was needed. Support was kind enough to send me back to the premailer and to the forums here.

So I am sorry if I failed to find this information through more thorough research and thank you for any information you can provide!

Thanks again!

Hi I put a sheet of paper in with my RMA number and address just to be safe but thats it.

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I will do the same then, safety always being the preferred senario in these cases. Thank you for your reply.

If I may ask, was your RMA excepted?

Thanks again

Hi yes it was I did a advanced RMA and had the new drive in 4 days. They gave me 30 days to return the old one very speedy.

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Hello, and thank you very much for reply, it is good information to know.