Doctor who info

can anyone tell me how the Doctor who chrismas episodes, the children in need episodes and david tennants year or specials (end of time, waters of mars etc) should be listed in order to get content info?

Hopefully there are Doctor Who fans that may shed some light on this ?

i found them all listed here:

but not sure how to name the specials so that they are picked up on the “get content info” function. iv tried calling them Doctor.Who.Special or Doctor.Who.Sxx.E00, it gives me the option to select Doctor Who and then says ‘Network Not Available’ but works fine for every other episode in that folder

Getting the same thing… even tried Thumbgen … no dice

probably because while some take place between episodes they have no real production code.

The XML Fetcher tool I make available works well for these cases.

It follows the TVDB convention of using Season 0 for all specials – Doctor Who has 69 such specials at the moment.

Waters from Mars, for example would be S00E14.

Using Season 00 works for me with ThumbGen.