Docking Station compatible with WD Caviar 'Blue' pata

Hi All, not sure if this is the right place for my question, I’m sure I’ll get told if it’s not!

I have several internal drives from my redundant XP pro machines which I need to access to remove data files from.

These drives mostly have 10 jumper pins as against the ‘normal’ 8.

Can anyone suggest a suitable docking station which will work with these drives (as well as the ‘normal’ ones)?

Most of the docking stations I see advertised say they do not work with 10 pin drives. 

I do not personally know of a docking station that suits your needs as Western Digital does not support external enclosures using WD drives, but in my personal experience a universal PATA to USB adapter should be able to allow access. It won’t be pretty, but it should be functional.