Docker on EX2 Ultra with new firmware and OS5?

Hi All

Could anyone point me to a Docker installation file which would be compatible both with the new 5.19.117 firmware and with OS5?

On these forums there is a whole tangled nest of discussions about installing Docker, but none of them lead me to the right .bin download!

Thank you!

Hi @mbalax,

Unfortunately, we do not have an option. We will take it as feedback and forward it to the team.

I’m on a PR4100 so I don’t know if this thread would be helpful, but you might check it out.
Redneck Guide to Docker 20.10.8 on OS 5 - My Cloud OS 5 Personal & Network Attached Storage / My Cloud EX Series - WD Community

The Guide was written using an EX2 Ultra as the testing device. That said, one of the main sources uses an EX4100 I believe.

I accomplished the upgrade on my PR4100 by simply modifying the version number in the script in the docker folder under Nas_Prog and running the script. I also followed your suggestion and modified the script to get the latest Portainer. I didn’t have to open port 9001, though; it works just fine with the original 9000:9000 setting. I didn’t know whether the CPU architecture in the EX series prevents this approach, which is why I pointed the OP to your post.