Docker for Gen1 and Gen2 devices?

I have three old devices, I want to add monitoring software, but I noticed docker aren’t on these devices. It does seem the firmware last updated in Jan, 2020, but still no docker.

Gen 2: 2.31.204
Gen 1: v04.05.00-342

Is it possible to get Docker on these devices? I’m looking to install telegraf for device monitoring.

The single bay My Cloud devices use a custom Linux OS. It’s why one generally cannot do an apt-get to update modules. Apt-get tends to brick the single bay My Cloud units. If one wants to add their own modules they can attempt to build their own firmware from the firmware GPL files WD has made available for the WD My Cloud unit on the single bay support site.

If you want to run Docker or other OS’s then see the long running thread about using other OS’s on the My Cloud devices.

The first gen v4.x single bay My Cloud is end of life and won’t receive, at least per the following WD Knowledgebase Article, further updates. I suspect the 2nd gen likewise will go End of Life shortly as WD is apparently leaving these units, and others, behind with the release of OS 5. Currently the v2.x single bay My Cloud is listed as “limited updates”.

Yup. I’m aware of that. I wasn’t certain if things have changed in the many years since. I’ll take a look at the custom firmware. Might be worth while.

If not, I might be able to compile/install telegraf directly. It is a custom OS, but it does have a debian root (if I recall right).

Well, that’s good to hear. I’ll have to check that out.

Did you work it out?

No. I ended up moving to another NAS device.

Long story short: I had two independent WD MyCloud devices, and an old unused 2 Bay NAS (not WD). So, I moved the two drives my MyCloud into the new NAS, wiped, and completely migrated off WD MyCloud. Not a real solution to this original problem, but this other NAS OS allows me to run docker - my original issue.