Dock compatibility with WD Red Hard drive for NAS


I own this 3TB drive : Western Digital Red NAS

I’m wondering if it will work on these docks,

this  startech dock and this one from uSpeed

any insights please?


Welcome to the Community. I do not see them on the compatibility list. This does not mean the hard drives will not be compatible, but rather that those particular docks have not been tested and compatibility can not be guaranteed by WD. For a detailed list of tested NAS enclosures and docks tested for compatibility, please visit the following link:


Hi Thanks So what you are telling me is that this drive is build for NAS exclusively

others dock station won’t recognize it? (I own one already and my brother"s multimedia dock can’t read it!) 

WD Red was built exclusively for the purpose of ensuring optimal performance on a NAS, but it can be used as a regular hard drive inside computers and/or USB docks. Although WD hard drives should work properly in external enclosures or dock, the Support Team can not provide technical support for drives in this configuration beyond suggested jumper settings and warranty replacement. There are many different external bridgeboard and enclosure manufacturers, each with their own command sets, levels of compatibility, and technical issues.

In order to provide some general guidance WD offers a list of docks/enclosures that have been directly tested by WD and are certified to be compatible, while other non-listed devices have simply not been tested by WD and as such they could be fully compatible, partially compatible, or incompatible. Since WD has not tested these enclosures then unfortunately a compatibility report is unavailable.

I would recommend reading the reviews for for said docks/enclosures to check if the WD Red drive in question has been used before, or to contact their respective manufacturers in order to confirm if they have a separate list of tested hard drives.