Do you lose storage or mycloud performance when connecting your device to a wireless router VS internet modem?

Just bought the WD 4 TB my clou device and determining which internet device I connect it to.

I have connected it to a switch behind my internet router. I do not have the idea that I am loosing performance on the MyCloud. Speeds are the same as when I connect it directly to the internet router.

Did you read the User Manual for your device? It will tell you how to connect your My Cloud.

If you have have the option of using a switch like { @Harry_L } I suggest using it.

I connected my main computer and My Cloud directly to the switch with cat 6 cables; also have a spare cable attached to the switch if I ever need to connect other devices usually using WIFI. For first backup of my wife’s MAC I connected to this extra cable rather than attempting a WIFI backup.

You connect your My Cloud to the local network using either the local router/gateway or via a switch/hub connected to the local network. One could connect the My Cloud direct to their computer’s networking port but one generally uses remote access to the My Cloud by other devices beyond the one PC it is direct connected too.

Read the My Cloud User Manual ( if you haven not already done so. It explains how to setup the My Cloud.

With respect to your title. You DO NOT loose storage space with respect to how the My Cloud is connected to the local network. When it comes to the My Cloud “performance” it is important to understand the My Cloud uses a lower power/capability processor and has a limited amount of RAM.

At times basic My Cloud operations can slow the My Cloud “performance” to a crawl independent of the equipment it is connected too.

To get the best performance out of the My Cloud connect the unit to a Gigabit capable wireless router or Gigabit switch. If you connect the My Cloud to a 10/100 networking port that networking port and everything upstream of that port will be limited to the slower 10/100 speed and not the faster Gigabit speed the My Cloud network port is capable of.

Without knowing more information about what your “internet modem” is and what your “wireless router” is there is no way for anyone here to determine which device to use. If you are using a second router behind the internet modem (router) you need to make sure that second router is configured properly to operate behind the internet modem (or first router).

Do you lose storage or mycloud performance when connecting your device to a wireless router VS internet modem?

Well, that depends on the data rates of the wireless and wired connections, doesn’t it?

If you have gigabit ports on your internet modem/router, then you’re likely to get better data transfer performance than wireless access, unless you have a multi-antenna WiFi-ac and a very good signal.

If your internet modem/router only has fast (100Mbit) ports, then you can add a gigabit switch to it and connect your wired devices, including the MyCloud, to the switch, and then get gigabit transfer speeds between devices connected to the switch (assuming those devices also have gigabit ports).

Thanks for the response, it was helpful to get a number of different responses. I’ve got some homework to do here, and will touch base once I’ve got the set-up organized. Cheers