Do you like the new features of WD TV Live Hub?

What features of WD TV Live Hub you use?

I like the newest firmware so far. To me, the biggest thing is that I can now see the subtitles as I cycle through them from the remote – no more guessing, this is same for the Audio button.

I like new firmware, but I am not using it.

RSS feed
usage of TVDB
great integrations
should be more developed but I think its great idea

I like it and I don’t like it, but I’m using it.

Just off the top of my head…

I Like:
The screen capture feature

The new options for media sharing

The ability to change/add to the data base of films but still use Thumgen

The addition of RSS feeds but it really needs some work as it has hidden a folder I created and now can’t delete it because I can’t see it…???

I Don’t like:

The .png issue

The addition of games (I have a PS3 and a Wii for that)

The updated OSD is not avaiable for people writing themes (think I got that right)

   a. I think WD should cater a bit to the themers as they help promote the product for FREE!

The way folders get secured and that you can’t just enter a password when you want to enter a locked folder