Do we have a moderator in this forum?

Do we have a moderator in this forum? If we do, I would like to suggest starting sticky(s) on successful solutions we have come up with.

Lot of WD Passport users run in to problems daily basis and they are asking similar questions over and over again.

Help tip sticky would definitely help them to resolve their issues faster, rather than waiting for someone to reply their post with a solution.

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Bill is the moderator there are a few WD people that also come here occasionally. He’s worknig on some stickies. The stickies only help if people read them! Way to many hysterical posts like 'help I lost everything", then they wonder why they don’t get an answer. I sent him a PM with link to your trouble shooting that was excellent. I added it to my file of helpful links.


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Let me know what you have in mind.   I’ve already stickied one of your threads.  Do you want it left open for replies?

Thanks Joe,

Sorry, I wasn’t online yesterday as my ISP was down. Thanks for your input and valuing my contribution.  I have seen many useful  stickies on other forums. Take a look at following link for example.  


Mabikay - SLK


As an experienced community manager, you know what is best.  I don’t see any harm of leaving my post open for replies. I’ll try my best to help others as time permits.  But if your forum has a rule/requirement  to close a thread within a certain period, you may do that.

BTW, I have a proposal  on making stickes.  We cannot possibly stick all the solutions we find here on top of this page. But if you or another can compile them in to one or two stickes  with an index of Subjects/Symptoms,  that will be great.


Mabikay - SLK