Do we have a copy online of our content?


I want to buy a MyCloud.

My question is: what is exactly mycloud: does it allow access from all over the world or does it also make a copy of our data online?

I want to save precious data (family photos and videos) on the drive and another one online. Can the MyCloud do that?

Thanks =)

for that I would not buy a mycloud especially not an EX4 the NAS will be VERY slow perhaps to slow for video editing.  

buy a simple raid 1 dual drive external drive where all the data written to the 1st disk is ALSO copied over to the 2nd disk.   Use USB3 for fast connectivity to that external disk.

then get an Amazon Glacier online account and some mac/pc/linux whatever you use software to BACKUP that external disk to an amazon glacier cloud account

now you’l have your photos/home videos redundant locally, w/ fast access and backed upto inexpensive cloud tape backup in case anything catasprophic happens locally.  


Thanks for your answer.

I didn’t understand completely. You said you don’t recommand to use the MyCloud? And why?

I’m talking about this product:

I don’t know if it’s EX4 or what.

I just want to copy on it video and photo of family and have a copy online on the cloud.

Is it possible or not?

You’re asking in the wrong forum, the forum for the My Cloud is here:

However, as to what your asking, No, the My Cloud does not backup to an online cloud account.

You can with either the EX4:

or the EX2:

via Elephant Drive or Amazon S3 , which are the only 2 available for backup.

But not with the My Cloud: