Do wd have anything to do with this forum?

im getting really pissed off with the lack of response from this company re problems with the live book … before xmas i sent them an email … 3 days ago they replied asking me more questions…i immediately replied and now…again …nothing … use the forums to ask questions they state on the website and in emails…support is available… what a crock of **bleep** … do wd actually respond on their own forums? …

i’m now downloading almost 2tb of files onto an external hard drive so i can try a system restore on the live book which now … shows NOTHING in any folders through dlna media streamer … …

the files are still on the drive and i can access them on pc etc … the media streaming side seems to have just died a death … not good for a 3month old drive…by th etime i get a response from wd the guarantee will have expired at this rate

■■■■ poor support

I’m not at all a fan of the proprietary WD Media Server that shipped on the later My Book Lives and all of the My Boo Live Duo’s.  (but I’ve not been very vocal about it.)   I think WD learned their lesson pretty quickly, though, because all the newer Cloud NASes include the latest and greatest version of Twonky 7.2.3 instead of the proprietary server.

For me, Twonky is the cat’s meow, and version 5.1.9 shipped on the eariler versions.

If Twonky can work for you, you can get it back by manually loading an older version of firmware (which included Twonky).

Search the forums for more details on how to restore Twonky.  it might be exactly what you need.

Or, if it’s worth $20 (or so) to you, you can purchase a geniune Twonky license and install very recent versions on the MBL yourself.

But to answer your questions, WD technical folks very seldom respond in these forums, as they’re intended to be user-to-user forums.

Official Tech Support continues to be the only genuine official outlet for WD.

thanks tony … i know i got vocal about it but reading these forums it seems they dont give a rats **bleep** … lol i dont have the option of using twonky as its not on there already …im almost done backing up all data and will try the system restore first …if that doesnt help then $20 for twonky doesnt sound so bad if it works… might need help installing it though… lol


Twonky IS an option if you manually install the right firmware. You won’t have to pay for the firmware-included version.

as a mere mortal im confused by that tony… lol

almost done backing up my files to external drive now so will see if the restore helps or not …if not then the hammer will be coming out …