Do WD employees / executives ever read these messages?

Title says it all.

Given that not a single topic in last week got any input from a WD staffer I would say a clear NO to your question…

Another example of lazy companies trying to “build a community” that does their job for them for free…

Not buying WD again… ■■■■ SERVICE

A sincere "thank you’ for the prompt reply from Methanoid!

20 years ago, WD used to be a reasonable-to-do-business-with company.
Apparently that has changed for the worse.

A few days ago I purchased a few WD SSDs at a bargain basement price
from a MAJOR retailer. All were new and sealed in original packaging.
The labels on the SSDs all had a DOM number which I took to mean
Date Of Manufacture. All were made in 2020.
So before I install anything on them I went to register the warranty online.
WD online registration did not recognize the model number or serial number.
I search WD and cannot find any mention of the model numbers I purchased.
I phone call to WD, whose phone system and first-tier customer service
representatives leaves one feeling as though they have just run the gauntlet,
has so far yielded nothing but blank stares.
I’ve opened a case and provided WD with purchase documentation and pictures
of the devices and their packaging. I have yet to receive even an
acknowledgement that WD received the documentation, let alone any assurance
that these SSDs are under warranty.

At this point, even if WD does acknowledge responsibility for these SSDs,
I think I’ll return them. I mean…
if it is this much of a problem just to get WD to acknowledge,
well… frankly… ANYTHING,
I can only imagine the horrors that await should I actually require service.

Your customer service leaves your customers with the impression that you do not
believe you have competitors. You’ll probably never even notice that you now have
at least one person on this planet that would consider WD products only if nothing
else were available.