Do the files stored in shares get backed up on mirror drive?

I am a bit confused about file backup.

I use WD Access to back up files from my computer to the WD MyCloud EX2. Those files are in turn backed up by the mirror.

What about the files we have stored in Shares directly on the MyCloud. I have my entire media library stored on the Public share on MyCloud. Are these files also backed up by the mirror? If not, what is the best way to backup my media library?

Thank You! : )

I assume when you’re referring to the “MIrror” that you have your EX2 configured as a RAID1 volume?

If so, then both drives are mirrors of each other – everything is byte-for-byte replicated on both drives.

But don’t confuse this with a BACKUP. A RAID is NOT a backup – it’s a redundancy for a failed disk.

But if something deletes or corrupts your files, you have no backup, as BOTH copies will be corrupted.

Oh my goodness, thank you! Yes, we are set up for RAID1. And yes, I appear to be confused about redundancy vs. backup.

So what is the best way to back up the music files stored on the NAS? I assume that files on the NAS can’t be synched with a cloud server.

You have a few options. There’s the built-in Elephant Drive and Amazon S3 subscriptions, and there’s the free Dropbox app to sync your files to the cloud. You could also use FTP backup and upload your files onto another NAS or computer. And there’s the USB backup function, where you attach an external hard disk and copy your files over.