Do ssds from current WD Blue 3D nand series support RZAT or DRAT?

As in subject - do those drives report “Deterministic read zero after trim” correctly ?

All modern drives behave this way - and basically any older model from past few years reported this feature (or at least older “Deterministic read after trim”). For reasons unknown (marketing ? encryption ?) recent models from other vendors (we tested crucial’s mx500s, adata’s sx950u, samsung’s 950s and 960s) stopped reporting rzat/drat altogether.

This makes it particularly frustrating when you put such disks behind e.g. LSI controllers that block trims unless rzat or drat is supported.

Hi Msoltyspl

for WD Blue 3D NAND SSD

Word 69 bit 5 und bit 14 are both set to 1.

Meaning the returned data is zero

Word 105 is set to 8.

Meaning maximum DSM payload is 8 512-byte blocks.

Thanks for the information !