Do portable USB powered HDDs work with WD TV Live?

As above really, looking to get a new hard drive for storage and wondered whether the WD TV Live has enough juice to supply a 2tb 2.5" USB powered HDD reliably or whether i’d have to go for a 3.5" externally powered one? Are HDD sizes limited to 2Tb in order to be recognised by the WD TV Live box?

Thans in advance!

you might get lucky, but generally no

the WD is already such a low power device, it will ususally not be able to provide enough power for a usb powered drive to be stable

and often they will not even spin up at all

They work great if you hook them up to a powered use hub, then the hub to the WD. That’s what I did. You can pick up a 4 port powered hub for under 20 bucks on Amazon.

Actually, I’ve been using bus powered drives exclusively since 2011 and the still worked fine. I own some WD passports (largest is USB 3, 1 TB) and also tried Intenso, Verbatim and some others without any issues.

I’m quite surprised by this, but that’s a good thing

I’m using a 2TB Toshiba STOR.E.PLUS  - works perfectly, I’m pleased to say, powered via a latest version WDTV.

Hope this helps.

Vey helpful - thanks everyone! Will look to get a portable drive (and perhaps a powered hub).