Do not want 2 copies of my files on My Passport

At first I was having problems with My Passport because it said I didn’t have enough space on the WD 1 TB drive, even though it was showing that I was using just a fraction of the total 931 GB. Now that it seems to have backed up, the WD drive is practically full, showing I have just 82 GB free. So the most I have on my C drive is 535 GB, so after reading a bit, apparently the WD drive is using an extra 309 GB as a “second” backup??

WD Backup displays a message, "Unable to back up files to because there is not enough space" under the following conditions: **
*** Creating the first backup plan on WD Backup Version 1.9.6485 and below

*** Starting backups of an existing backup plan** strong text

I only want ONE backup of my files. I would certainly expect a quality drive not to need to make two copies to ensure a safe backup. How do I get rid of the second backup? I do not want two copies. One will do.

Hi dragan322,

WD Backup maintains a second copy of the backup for data recovery purposes. It also requires additional disk space for pruning older backups from existing backup plans.

You can refer the link given below to find the solution of such issue.

… and why in the world is it so important t o have a backup of a backup??? I do’t want a 2nd backup. how do i turn that feature

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