Do Not see Filenames - Only see metadata Titles

I just started using my MyCloud EX2. We have uploaded many movies to the EX2 and the file names look good when viewed through Windows Explorer, however when these same files are viewed via DLNA to my TV, I only see the metadata TITLE…not the actual filename. When i use a normal hard drive and connect it via DLNA router to my TV, the TV shows the filenames correctly. I only see this issue when using a the EX2.

Is there some setting that allows the actual filename to be used instead of the metadata TITLE?

You may want to post your question to the dedicated EX2 subforum as this forum is generally for the single bay My Cloud devices.

Typically a DLNA server (at least those I’ve used) will always the Title metadata tag when a DLNA client displays the file when that metadata tag is available. Only when there is no title tag entry does the client use the file name (minus the file extension). Typically when one has a media device like a SmartTV that is capable of accessing videos on a USB device, it typically is NOT using DLNA since to use DLNA requires the use of a DLNA server for aggregate the media content to display to DLNA clients. Rather the TV uses a basic form of a file manager to access and play the file. It typically doesn’t access the file’s metadata tags rather just displays the file name.

The following link has general information that is useful if using the Twonky media server that is embedded into the My Cloud devices.

Much appreciated information thank you. In order to get the file names to show up I went in and deleted all the ‘Title’ Metadata from all the files…this allowed the actual file name to be displayed. Luckily multiple files can be changed at one time, so wasn’t to bad making that happen.

Hello Tim,

How do you deleted the metadata from all movies. Unfortunately I cannot find easy approach for this. I have a lot .mkv files and dnn’t know any tool for deleting metadata.

Thanks in advance,

There are numerous programs/software for editing metadata in media files.
MP3Tag ( and Media Monkey ( are two popular free programs mentioned by others here.

You can find other metadata editors by doing an internet search.

The information displayed also depends on the media client app; they will usually offer a number of views, which can include filename.

I’m sure a google search for ‘metadata editor’ will yield plenty of hits. Bennor’s suggestions are good; I use MediaMonkey as a media library manager and player. It will automatically infer metadata from path and filename.


I have the same problem: I can only play tracks from my WD Cloud ordered by aphabetical order by Name/Title of the Track (not even the name of the file). The solution suggested above by Bennor is a good idea, but… by deleting metadata, the information about played audio tracks is then lost, i.e. no info about the artist, track title, album, etc. is available.
This is not a soluton for me (and I believe for many others). I have quite big collection of audio tracs and not always I know who plays what at the moment :smile:. Also, it is quite common that the tracks on the record should be played in a certain order. It is really odd when you hear Pink Floyd “The Dark Side Of The Moon” starting from “Any Colour You Like” ! (which is 8th track on the record).
I would really appreciate other solution when I could played my songs sorted by the number of the track or - at least - by the name of the file.
Could anyone help me? Thanks in advance!

What DLNA client are you using? And what view mode?

The simplest method may be to use a decent metadata editor to prefix all filenames with the track number. Media Monkey will do this, constructing the path and filename from the metadata. This assumes you have sane metadata… (Media Monkey function is ‘Auto-Organise from Tags’). Make sure you use a leading-zero track number format.

Once you have the ‘correct’ filenames, you can select the ‘By Folder’ view, which sorts by filename. With a leading-zero track number prefix, tracks will be listed in the correct order.

I enforce this file naming when I rip CDs, and then either remove the track number prefix to create metadata track name tags, or, more recently, get the metadata from an online database (freedb, etc). This ensures the correct ordering even with the most basic playback devices.

Alternatively, get a better client. On Android, BubbleUPnP has an option to try to force correct ordering, which works pretty well.

I’m assuming you have enabled the ‘Advanced Navigation’ mode in Twonky, and can thus access the extended view options in your client.

I was not suggesting one delete their metadata, only that if there is no Title metadata the DLNA client typically will show the file name minus the file extension.

A lot depends on how the file is named, the metadata, and how the DLNA server (Twonky on the My Cloud) reads file names/metadata, and the DLNA client that is playing/streaming the media.

In my case I have my tracks numbered with the track name as they are structured on the album. For example the Taylor Swift Red album: 01 State of Grace.mp3, 02 Red.mp3, 03 Treacherous.mp3, etc. For the metadata Title name I use: State of Grace, Red, Treacherous, etc. This way the DLNA client typically will organize, when I view by album, the album tracks as they are on the album by the leaning number for the track name and not alphabetically by track title metadata.

I use a combination of MP3Tag ( and MediaMonkey ( to tag my media files. There are times when MediaMonkey has incorrectly autotagged entire albums which is frustrating to fix.