Do not purchase a wd streaming device for netflix

Just wanted to post a daily reminder for folks who haven’t made up their mind to purchase yet and might be browsing, that the WD devices are extremely buggy and will cause headaches.


wow i havent had an issue with my netflix here in Australia using dns server no lag just constant  reminder do you wish to continue watching or return to browse, thats my experience going into 3 months now and Vudu is good to for ppv movies

Based on my experience with two SMP units, I do not at all agree with your warning.  Mine work perfectly.  I just used my wired SMP to watch more than two hours of Netflix.  Flawless.  Just off to watch the wireless one in bed, and I am certain it will also work perfectly, since it always has (including for a couple of hours last night).  For me, the Netflix app on the SMP works significantly better than the Netflix app on either of my two different Samsung bluray players or my Logitech Revue.  I bought the second SMP in large part because of how very well the Netflix works.  I would strongly recommend the SMP for purchase by Netflix users.  As I posted in one of your other threads complaining about Netflix on the SMP, since you are running the same hardware and software as I am and my two units work absolutely perfectly, either your unit is defective or you have ISP issues interfering with Netflix.

Ditto here…  My kids watched netflix most of the afternoon today, and I’m using it on my 2nd box right now…

i don’t remember the last time I had Netflix issues.   It’s been months, at least…

Same here, I can’t say that I’ve had any problems with Netfilix lately.

if you are having issues maybe you need to flush your dns out i, do every two weeks best to do when you get any lag on your network i know using netflix on 1 account can be attached to four devices simultaneously.

Hi, First post here but my pennies worth. I bought this player with some reservations moving from HTPC-PLEX solution that was frankly brilliant for movies and auto metadata etc and playing but i wanted the all singing playing netflix hooked up too and the plugins over there in plex were never stable or really satisfactory so i tried ROKU. That ROKU Netflix works great to be honest, very quick and smooth once its accessed but to my dismay the Plex plugin or trying to play local media in any form was rubbish so installed that in the mother in laws as a gift and got this wdtv smp. I rubbish due to my HTPC hangign 100% and not being grunted enough I guess to transcode all movies. On WDTV so far only issues im having is turning on media library at all kills my box from all else so thats off but Netflix aside from black screen delay for a few seconds actually looks and works great. BUT if you would have indicated in your post about what problems Netflix had to indicate to not buy it I could comment if I had seen it. The only issue I have hit and its reproducible was as I use unblock us was that when i watched something in mother in laws house then if I come back to my house and access netflix through it (without the doing the “we notice your ipaddress has changed please reactivate it” then netflix never works at all and you get “cant contact Netflix server please try again or exit” but try again does nothing at all. Aside from that issue clearly DNS related its working fine on the 1.12.14 firmware for me. But not crammed in full hours and hours of watching it yet admittedly. John

Works fine as allways here in teh uk  :smileyvery-happy:

christian1 wrote:

Just wanted to post a daily reminder for folks who haven’t made up their mind to purchase yet and might be browsing, that the WD devices are extremely buggy and will cause headaches.



have you tried my suggestion flush the dns in win 7 command prompt then type ipconfig /flushdns i know it works my friend was going to buy brand new router but as soon as i flushed the dns the netflix was working again flawlessly you should do it regularly evey 2 weeks or once a month

Cannot fathom how flushing the DNS cache on your PC would have anything to do at all with the WDTV…

you are right but what i mean is it clears all cluttered junk from web browsing and cache build up which can cause network issues it mainly concerning router im running in n300 on my router get consistently about 18mbps we havent quite switched over to fibre over here in OZ

In that case doing something on your pc is not going to have any effect on your router or the wd player.