Do not buy if you are planning to use Time Machine on a Mac

I bought a new iMac after selling my old one. I have been running Time Machine Backups without issue since I bought a WD My Cloud six months ago. I had planned on just restoring everything to my new iMac. When I did the restore only a few things came back but mostly invalid aliases. Apparently, the data got corrupt because I could still access the device but I could not access my backups. I could see they were there but Time Machine could not use them. I made sure the permissions were correct and even tried making the share public. Now, I’m left with a six month old brick that will end up in a landfill because I wouldn’t even risk selling it to someone else. My advice is to stay away from this product if you have a Mac and are using Time Machine. I’m reinstalling my OS as I type this and will just start all over. What a waste of time, money and energy. I will never purchase another WD product.

Hello GenXer,

Sorry to hear that you feel this way about the product.

Have you tried contacting WD Support for direct assistance?

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