Do I need to turn on Media Serving?

I have a WD TV HD accessing my EX4 via LAN, I also access my EX4 using the WD My Cloud app via my iphone and ipad so the kids can watch movies.  My question is do I need to have Media Serving enabled on the shared folders?  I’m not understanding the purpase of this option.

Thank you for any clarifaction.

I guess you’re accessing the EXT4 shared files via the WD TV network option?  If this is the case, then no.  Leave media sharing off.

As for what benefit turning on media sharing gives you?  You’ll need to head over to and read up on what a DLNA server gives you.

I have three WD TV Live units in my house for my TVs.  For various reasons, I’m running PLEX DLNA server.

I’ll do that, thanks for the suggestion.