Do I need Smartware installed?

I was having an issue with wdfme.exe hogging CPU, which I think only started after I upgraded Smartware from the version supplied with the disk.  

So I was intending to uninstall Smartware and re-install from the disk.  

However, having un-uninstalled, I’m wondering whether I need bother.  Is it actually required for any aspect of proper operation of the MBL?

Seems to be working OK without it at the moment… OK you miss the system tray shortcuts to the drive and to the dashboard, but I can get by with my own shortcuts.

I don’t use Smartware for backup either — I did try it recently (hence reason for upgrading – but it lacks a scheduled backup.  Also I have lost trust in WD software for backup, because the direct MBL to MBL backup I did recently also went missing from the list on the MBL after I upgraded the firmware on one of the MBLs.

So, back to the point… do I need to re-install Smartware?

I’ve never installed Smartware.

That’s pretty conclusive, then.  Thanks.